Underfloor Heating Pros and Cons

Underfloor Heating Pros and Cons One of the joys of the British summer is the ability to fling open windows and doors, and stow away your socks for a few months. This simple joy is highly valued when it comes to decisions about home heating systems. More and more families are considering a heating option […]

Underfloor Heating in Norwich

Underfloor Heating Norwich

Underfloor Heating in Bedfordshire

Underfloor Heating in Bedfordshire

Underfloor Heating in Cambridge

Underfloor Heating in Cambridge

Retrofit Underfloor Heating Norfolk


Retrofit Underfloor Heating in Norfolk One of the questions our Norfolk clients ask regularly is “Will underfloor heating raise my floor?”. It’s a major consideration if you’re considering retrofitting a ufh system. Even a few millimetres added to your existing floor height could mean alterations to your door fittings, and skirting boards. In this blog […]

Removing Laitance from Screed


Installing Underfloor Heating in Existing House

underfloor heating in old houses

Liquid Screed Oxford

liquid screed oxford

Looking for Liquid Screed in Oxford? Like every other city in the UK, Oxford has set ambitious targets for creating 1,000s of new homes over the next two decades. Such is the need for housing to accommodate the city’s workers, that plans are being developed to build ‘upwards’ in the city.  The famous city skyline […]

Floor Screeding Contractors London

screeding contractors london

Underfloor Heating in Old Houses

underfloor heating in old houses