What Are The Benefits Of Liquid Screed Over Traditional Screed?

The Benefits Of Liquid Screed Over Traditional Screed

Are you installing a new floor surface or revamping your existing one? Irrespective of the kind of floor covering that you choose, it is important that you lay a layer of screed first so that there is not an uneven surface. As the UK’s leading flooring screeding contractors, RB Liquid Screed. are experts when it comes to screed, and according to them there are 2 types of screed that you can choose from – traditional or concrete screed and liquid flowing screed. The type of screed you select will make a huge difference to the final finish of your floor.

Take a look below at some of the reasons why liquid screed is a much better choice than  traditional screed.

Faster installation: Laying liquid screed is a lot less labour-intensive compared to concrete screed. Since the screed is a liquid and flows it does not take very long to install it. It is the preferred choice when it comes to the construction of floating floors.

Low shrinkage: Unlike traditional screed, liquid screed does not shrink or curl. This way, we can guarantee that there will be no risk of cracks and your final floor covering will look stunning.

Quick drying times: One of the key features of liquid screed is that it dries extremely fast. In fact, you can walk on it after twenty-four to forty-eight hours of its application. This is a major reason why more and more people are opting for liquid screed for their residential and commercial flooring needs over traditional screed.

So, if you want to use liquid screed for your floor installation, the professionals at RB Liquid Screed will be glad to help you. Call us today for further information.