Liquid screed is a highly efficient floor covering, offering fast results, and long-lasting strength

As UK experts in the application of Liquid Screed, we advise clients on preparations to the floor before the pour begins, and ways to work with us to ensure an efficient work flow. Detailed aftercare support is provided once the work is complete.

We ensure our clients get the best from our service, at affordable prices. We believe that working collaboratively is the key to success

A highly skilled and professional team of installers

We are a company that is committed to serving our clients by providing great products, a skilled and professional team of installers, and excellent customer service.

A poorly laid floor can cost you thousands of pounds to repair, as well as causing major structural issues. We use high quality liquid screed, or flowing screed, and experienced screed installers to ensure an excellent return on investment through enhanced lifespan and performance for your flooring.

Liquid Screed is the contemporary alternative to sand and cement. It provides a smooth level surface, prior to the application of floor finishes, and its superior conductivity makes it the most ecologically sound choice for under floor heating.

Liquid Screed is a high-quality product which is available in a range of specifications, making it an ideal choice for developers and domestic house builders alike.

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